Torque hinge - LEECO


LEECO specializes in and focuses on providing advanced torque hinge solutions to cutting edge engineering designs. In addition to constant torque performance and long operation life, LEECO also provides custom solutions specifically tailored for customers‘ applications requirement, up to over 15 Nm torque. Utilizing various torque engine technologies, LEECO specializes in optimizing the performance of the torque hinges for the given specification while keeping the cost competitive. Our engineering solutions cover wide range of industrial applications including computers, laptops, automotive, medical equipment and housing appliances. Please feel free to contact us for your customized torque hinge applications.

Symmetric and asymmetric counterbalanced torque hinges; both counterbalance features can offset gravity and greatly enhance the feeling of touch. While holding its position, the objects can be easily moved with just your finger tips.

Slim and thin geometry torque hinges with options of custom bracket and hollow shaft for wiring; the spring clip torque element provides excellent performance in torque stability and cycle life. The element can also be integrated directly onto your mechanism for space constrained applications as shown.

Detent torque hinges and snap open / close torque hinges; with build-in snapping cam mechanism, the hinges can hold objects at desired angles and positions, and to save the cost of a latch in close position.

Multiple axis torque hinges; with the combination of various designs, we are able to provide tilt and swivel torque hinge in one piece.

Damping torque hinges; with custom damping friction mechanism to deliver smooth and constant rotation speed throughout the range of motion.

Pop up or pop down torque hinges; friction hinge could be pop opened or closed when latch is released.

Others and the combination of above features